Innovative Performance Strategies

Engage Practices

Instructional Design
Conduct needs analysis, design and develop learning solutions for multiple clients on a variety of topics:

Training Facilitation
Provide facilitation services for multiple clients on a variety of leader and employee development topics:

New Employee Orientation and Onboarding

Focus Group Facilitation
Conduct employee and leadership focus groups for multiple clients to gather feedback and recommendations for improved employee engagement, roles clarification, leadership development practices, organization structure, customer service enhancements, and process improvements

Rewards and Recognition Advising
Worked with a client’s customer service department to develop a rewards and recognition program: identified activities/behaviors to be rewarded, types of rewards, process for peer recognition; coached leaders on how to reward and recognize

Behavioral Interviewing and Hiring Practices

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“Think little goals and expect little achievements.
Think big goals and win big success.”  ~
David Joseph Schwartz