Innovative Performance Strategies

Emerge Solutions

Leadership Development

Performance Management
Conduct needs analysis, design and develop solutions for multiple clients:

Team Effectiveness

Career Management

Service Excellence Strategy and Skill Development

o Curriculum development and facilitation of customer service training and train-the-trainer sessions
o Consulting on service excellence strategy and culture, performance standards, reward and recognition programs, and supervisor coaching and development
o Facilitation of change management strategies and development training for leaders and employees
o Developed and facilitated communications series for leaders to build high-trust environment that supports open communication and strengthens communication practices

o Create service culture model
o Design curriculum and develop training content for their New Hire Orientation series and experienced employee training
o Facilitate pilot of new modules, evaluated effectiveness and make curriculum adjustments
o Design and facilitate train-the-trainer programs for internal trainers

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“An important thing to remember is this:  to be ready at any moment to give up
what you are for what you might become.” ~
W.E.B. DuBois