Innovative Performance Strategies


Our clients are strong advocates for the work that we do and appreciate the manner in which we partner with them every step of the way to reach our mutual goals.

We have provided some client testimonials to provide further insight into our focus on doing quality work and building strong client relationships.

“We contracted Jolene for two organization assessment projects in which she conducted and “We contracted Jolene for two organization assessment projects in which she conducted and analyzed interviews of all team members. Jolene utilized a remarkable combination of professionalism and empathy that put interviewees at ease and, therefore, they felt comfortable providing candid feedback. Our entire management team was impressed with the amount of highly specific and actionable information Jolene was able to gather. Her recommendations for action items were highly insightful, and we implemented most all of them and saw a marked improvement in our communications, work environment and employee engagement. We often still turn to the detailed findings of Jolene’s analysis to gain additional insights. The fact that we used Jolene on two separate projects attests to the quality of her work and the strength of the process she employs.”   Christopher H., Director, Legal/Business/Regulatory Information Provider



“I have found Jolene Shouman to be a reliable and knowledgeable Training Consultant and OD professional. She is proficient in all aspects of Human Resource Development and is a trusted business partner to all. I have personally witnessed Jolene’s expertise in the areas of instructional design, facilitation, and analytical skills. I would rate Jolene’s skills in these areas as “consistently exceeding” expectations. Jolene acts with integrity at all times and sets a strong example of openness and honesty for those around her. I would recommend Jolene Shouman to any company, without reservation, as she has proven to be an invaluable asset to me and my company.” Leslie G., Sales Training Manager, Legal/Business/Regulatory Information Provider



“Jolene Shouman is a trusted, talented instructional designer and program facilitator whom I have known for the past 15 years. Jolene is a trusted provider of training and development services, including instructional design, program facilitation/delivery, and leadership development 360 coaching. She listens intently to understand my needs and consistently delivers high quality work. She is intelligent, diligent, well-spoken and very professional, along with being caring, compassionate and funny. I regularly recommend Jolene to colleagues and peers.”   Shelly B., Sr. Director – Learning and Development



“The first project I partnered with Jolene on was a leadership development program for first-time supervisors. Jolene stepped into the middle of the project and was able to complete it ahead of schedule with the highest quality of work that exceeded my expectations. She has the unique ability to truly listen to the client, create custom content based on actual business need and create innovative approaches toward case studies and sustainable learning activities that achieve high-impact results. As a facilitator, from the moment participants enter the classroom, Jolene establishes a connection with them and creates an environment of trust. Jolene designs intentional learning activities to help challenge the participant out of his/her comfort zone. She truly lives her mission of “emerge, engage, evolve.”   Sara D., Learning & Development Consultant, Food Agriculutre Producer and Marketer


“Jolene’s work with our organization included the design, development and facilitation of a week-long new hire/on-boarding course for our service delivery center. As part of this curriculum, Jolene developed a service skills model that is now used across the entire organization. A key outcome of this training has been strengthened ability of our new hires to interact with customers in a way that focuses on making an emotional connection, understanding the need, and committing to resolve the issue which has improved customer satisfaction and reduced overall call handle time. The new hire course Jolene developed has received the highest of recognition for helping to change the culture of the organization from a transactional culture to one focusing on creating referable moments with customers.” Mary S., Learning Services Team Manager, Financial Services Company



“Jolene was contracted with my company to facilitate a course in high performance leadership in which I was a participant. Her work as a facilitator was exceptional. She not only had deep insight into the subject matter, but she was also able to immediately create strong relationships with the participants. Jolene’s style is fun, personable and welcoming, and the results she generates are positive and high quality. I would recommend Jolene to anyone looking for a high performance individual and quality service.” Bryan C., Value Realization Consultant, International Food/Agriculture Producer and Marketer